Airtime vs Icecast vs now playing

I been try to get out ”now play” from both Airtime and Icecast, but im totaly lost in the jungle

So i made a little hack with RegEx and it look like its work really nice.

Please comment if you have some good things to ”add on” ( I will make a PHP version as well soon, please come back for that)

 // I made a little RegEx hack on a Icecast server ver. 2.3.3 
 // im not sure if its working on other but it should be easy to rewrite to your type
 // This is for a IIS server but it would not be a problem to make same against a Apache (PHP) 
 // Tyrone Fröberg -
Function GetText(URI)
 Dim Request
 Set Request = CreateObject("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")
 Request.Open "GET", URI, False
 GetText = Request.ResponseText
 End Function

// REPLACE on found stuff
 Function SONGNAME(s) 
 s = Replace(s,"Current Song:","") // replace from string
 s = Replace(s,"</td>","") // replace from string
 s = Replace(s,"<td>","") // replace from string
 s = Replace(s,"\n","") // replace from string
 s = Replace(s,"\r","") // replace from string
 s = Replace(s," "," ") //if there is a misstake in rename file we clean it up a bit //
 s = Replace(s, vbCrLf, "" ) // replace from string (just in case)
 s = Replace(s,"<td class=""streamdata"">"," ") // replace from string
 s = Replace(s, Chr(13), " ") // replace from string (just in case)
 End Function
targetString = GetText("http://myipnumber:8000/")
  Dim re, targetString, colMatch, objMatch
  Set re = New RegExp
  With re
  .Pattern = "<td>Current Song:</td>\n<td class=""streamdata"">.*</td>"
  .Global = False 
  .IgnoreCase = True
  End With
Set colMatch = re.Execute(targetString)
  For each objMatch in colMatch
  SongArtist = SONGNAME(objMatch.Value) 
 <!-- Now we can start to do the graphic stuff -->

Works fine with

Airtime + Icecast 2.3.3[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]ToDO:


 $content = file_get_contents('');
 if (preg_match("/track-title\">(.*)\<\/span>/", $content, $matches1)) {
 echo $matches1[1]."<br />";

graphic design

WordPress Plugin

Look at ver. for icecast (same output?)


Around Iframe

Since html5 you have no border, so i came around it with:

<!--[if IE]>
   <iframe src="source" frameborder="0">?</iframe>
<!--[if !IE]>-->
   <iframe src="source" style="border:none">?</iframe>
<!-- <![endif]-->

(Thanks to Mr Lister: )